I am a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, where I am working with a team of ecologists and paleoecologists studying abrupt changes in ecological systems. Read about the ACES project or visit the Williams Lab and Turner Lab webpages to learn more. ACES webpage coming soon….

My research synthesizes the modern and Quaternary fossil records of the North American Southwest. I study how diversity and abundance have changed through time on a local and regional scale, in response to past environmental changes.  Visit my field work page to learn more about small mammal surveys and fossil deposit excavations.  Visit my research and publications pages to learn more about past and on-going projects. Check out my teaching and outreach pages to see how I’m relating science to students and lay audiences.

Contact: mstegner (at) wisc (dot) edu                                      C.V. Stegner cv 3_23_17

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