Conservation Paleobiology article now published in Science


Scientists are joining lawyers, policymakers and writers to urge conservationists not only to save species, but also to preserve a diverse array of ecosystem structures and functions in the face of rising populations and changing climate. This could include allowing some species to disappear from some areas if that means a more resilient environment able to respond to warming temperatures and loss of habitat.

-Science Daily

Happy to announce that a paper resulting from the Berkeley Initiative in Global Change Biology workshop and symposium on Conservation Paleobiology has just been published in Science. This was an ambitious collaboration among conservation biologists, paleontologists, environmental lawyers, policy makers, and just about everything in between. In this article we argue for shifting the focus and expanding the toolkit of biodiversity conservation today. We also detail ways that deep time records provide invaluable information for conservation and management. I invite you to: follow this link to the Science website, or this link which will give you access to the full text; e-mail me at for a .pdf; or take a look at some of the press related to this publication (ScienceDaily,, Stanford News, Daily Californian)

Paleo outreach and fieldwork with the BLM in Moab, UT


  • career days for Grand and San Juan County high schools
  • paleontology education and craft activities for K-8 students
  • paleontology clearance surveys
  • excavations in collaboration with Utah museums
  • volunteer work days for National Public Lands Day and National Fossil Day

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