Just Published: Bears Ears National Monument paleontological resources review

Our paper on the history of paleontological research, and paleontological resource protection in Bears Ears National Monument is now published in Geology of the Intermountain West. You can find it here.

From the Natural History Museum of Utah write-up:

“The fossil record within BENM is one of the best places in North America to study several key paleontological intervals including the Carboniferous-Permian icehouse-greenhouse transition, the beginning of the age of dinosaurs, and how ecosystems in dry climates respond to sudden temperature increases. In other words, the big stuff: evolution and global climate change.  The institutions and teams — NHMU is just one of many — researching the geological time scale in this land need time, and access, to continue their research. And the stakes are high: protection and preservation of these natural and cultural resources will increase our knowledge and understanding of our planet’s history, and all who lived here.” Beth Mitchell, Natural History Museum of Utah

Read the full piece here.